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Top Magento Developers

Our experts have researched and ranked the top Magento developers in the world.

These companies have shown superior service and portfolio quality relative to their rates, as well as scored excellent client reviews – among other qualities. Here are the top three:


Digital Silk is a full-service eCommerce web design agency that helps its clients drive measurable results. The company offers highly customized design, development, SEO and marketing solutions that drive conversions.

Featured clients: SONY, doForms, P&G, XEROX, AT&T

50 - 99

Top-notch digital agency, founded in 2007. Their main areas of expertise include mobile applications, web design and development, eCommerce, and digital marketing.

Featured clients: McDonalds, ShopWorn, ReaShape, Kotore

New York
Under 49

Experts in end-to-end app and custom software development. Supporting Fortune 500 to startups with SaaS, mobile, and custom application solutions in healthcare, education, marketing, and financial industries.

Featured clients: Epion Health, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Verizon Media


Best Magento Developers – 2020 Rankings

Here is the full list of the top eCommerce development companies that build well-designed and highly functional Magento-based online stores:

1. Digital Silkdigitalsilk.comFlorida50 - 99$125/hr$10,000+
2. Dotlogicsdotlogics.comNew YorkUnder 49$125/hr$25,000+
3. Kanda Softwarekandasoft.comMassachusetts500 - 999$50/hr$25,000+
4. Urban Insight urbaninsight.comCaliforniaUnder 49$150/hr$25,000+
5. datarocketsdatarockets.comCanadaUnder 49$40/hr$25,000+
6. Itexusitexus.comFlorida50 - 99$50/hr$10,000+
7. DotcomWeaversdotcomweavers.comNew Jersey50 - 99$120/hr$25,000+
8. Selleoselleo.comPoland50 - 99$45/hr$10,000+
9. Ziggle Tech Inc.ziggletech.comNew York50 - 99$49/hr$10,000+
10. Evestarevestar.comFloridaUnder 49Inquire$10,000+
itCraftitcraftapps.comPoland50 - 99$50/hr$25,000+
WANDRwandr.studioCaliforniaUnder 49$150/hr$10,000+
Craftedcraftedny.comNew YorkUnder 49$150/hr$10,000+
ICON Worldwideicon-worldwide.comSwitzerlandUnder 49$50/hr$10,000+
ScienceSoftscnsoft.comTexas500 - 999$50/hr$10,000+
Lead to Conversionleadtoconversion.comOhioUnder 49$100/hr$1,000+
DotcomWeaversdotcomweavers.comNew Jersey50 - 99$120/hr$25,000+
KONSTANT INFOSOLUTIONSkonstantinfo.comIndia100 - 249$25/hr$10,000+
Corracorra.comNew York100 - 249InquireInquire
ioVistaiovista.comTexasUnder 49$75/hr$1,000+
True 49$150/hr$25,000+
Endive Softwareendivesoftware.comNevada100 - 249$25/hrUnder $1,000
Magneto IT Solutionsmagnetoitsolutions.comIndia100 - 249$15/hr$1,000+
Aegis Softtechaegissofttech.comIndia50-99InquireInquire
Digital Operativedigitaloperative.comCalifornia50 - 99$175/hr$25,000+
Intlum Technologyintlum.comIndiaUnder 49$7/hr$1,000+
Digirytedigiryte.comUnited Kingdom50 - 99$50/hr$10,000+
DYODEdyode.comCaliforniaUnder 49$99/hr$10,000+
Mindinventorymindinventory.comIndia100 - 249$25/hr$10,000+
Webisoftwebisoft.comCanadaUnder 49$100/hr$10,000+
Octal IT Solutionoctalsoftware.comIndia100 - 249$20/hr$10,000+
Datadialdatadial.netUnited KingdomUnder 49InquireInquire
Deprigodeprigo.comCaliforniaUnder 49$65/hr$1,000+
SPINX Digitalspinxdigital.comCaliforniaUnder 49$150/hr$25,000+
Decima Digitaldecimadigital.comEstonia50 - 99$50/hr$10,000+
Net Solutionsnetsolutions.comNew York100 - 249$30/hr$25,000+
Netwisenetwise.jpJapanUnder 49$120/hr$10,000+
Ahy Consultingahyconsulting.comIndiaUnder 49$35/hr$10,000+
IntexSoftintexsoft.comBelarus100 - 249$35/hr$1,000+
MageCloudmagecloud.netUkraineUnder 49$50/hr$1,000+
Techmango Technology Servicestechmango.netIndia100 - 249$25/hrUnder $1,000
JaJuMa GmbHjajuma.deGermanyUnder 49$95/hrUnder $1,000
Techliancetechliance.comUtahUnder 49$20/hr$1,000+
Anderson Collaborativeandersoncollaborative.comFloridaUnder 49Inquire$1,000+
Bridge Global Inc.bridge-global.comNetherlands50 - 99$38/hrUnder $1,000
Baldwinbaldwin.agencyBelgiumUnder 49$85/hr $10.000+
Evolution Labstheevolutionlabs.comUkraineUnder 49$30/hr$1,000+
UkrInSofTukrinsoft.comUkraine50 - 99$26/hr$10,000+
Forixforixcommerce.comOregon100 - 249$125/hr$10,000+
CedCommercecedcommerce.comIndia250 - 499$25/hr$1,000+
IIH Globaliihglobal.comUnited KingdomUnder 49$20/hr$1,000+
Itegrationitegration.comNorth Carolina50 - 99$75/hr$1,000+
Resourcifiresourcifi.comCalifornia100 - 249$30/hrInquire
White Rabbitwhiterabbit.nzNew ZealandUnder 49$160/hrUnder $1,000
Andolasoftandolasoft.comCalifornia100 - 249$100/hrInquire
IDS Logic Pvt. Ltd.idslogic.comIndia50 - 99$25/hr$1,000+
Miracle Digitalmiracles.comHong KongUnder 49$100/hr$1,000+
fram^wearefram.comVietnam 100 - 249InquireInquire
Magecommagecom.netUkraine100 - 249$37/hr$10,000+
Avid Brioavidbrio.comIndia Under 49$20/hr$500+
ClawRockclawrock.comPolandUnder 49$50/hr$10,000+
Voyant Consultancy Servicesvoyantcs.comIndia50 - 99$35/hrInquire
Mumblemumbleideas.itItalyUnder 49$55/hr$10,000+
Cofa Media Inccofamedia.comCaliforniaUnder 49$125/hr$25,000+ 49$50/hr$25,000+
Rocket Webrocketweb.comIndianaUnder 49InquireInquire
Webpuppies 49InquireInquire
Scalan Labsscalans.comIllinoisUnder 49$20/hr$1,000+

What Is Magento Web Development?

Magento is an open-source eCommerce platform written in PHP. It provides two suites, Magento Open Source and Magento Commerce, both of which require development and maintenance.

Magento Open Source is a free version of the platform which is, as such, often used by small to medium-sized businesses. However, thanks to its extensive set of features, the platform also boasts enterprise-level clientele.

Though free, the open-source version requires expert development and maintenance support.

Magento Commerce is a platform as a service (PaaS) which means that it allows users to develop, run and manage apps and websites without the need for complex infrastructure.

Magento Commerce mainly attracts enterprise-level clients due to its hefty price tag. Namely, the licenses start at north of $20,000.

Expectedly, this version has a lot more to offer, from its feature-rich suite to advanced security, fast loading times and 24/7 customer support.

Magento Commerce is a powerful platform that can support thousands of daily transactions.

In addition to building online stores on Open Source or Commerce platforms, Magento web development also involves

  • the customization or development of themes
  • third-party integrations
  • maintenance
top magento developers-01
Magento powers millions of online stores worldwide.

What Does A Magento Development Company Specialize In?

The main tasks and responsibilities of Magento web developers are:

  • Extension development
  • Security implementation
  • Website setup
  • Responsive store design and development
  • Shipping and payment gateway development and integration
  • Third-party integration
  • Mobile application development
  • Marketplace implementation
  • Customization services
  • Performance tuning

In essence, Magento developers specialize in end-to-end development, as well as specific services such as integration and maintenance.

Types Of Magento Developers

There are several different Magento website development certifications, so these experts can be categorized by the types of licenses they hold. The licenses are:

  • Front End Developer Certification
  • Solution Specialist Certification
  • Back End Developer Certification
  • Plus Certification
  • Javascript Developer Certification
  • Cloud Developer Certification

Additionally, we can categorize Magento development companies by the types of clients they serve, from small businesses to large corporations, as these inform their cost and even the types of services they provide.

Why Invest In Magento Development?

Whether you are going for a free open-source version or the $24,000 yearly license, Magento-based stores require quite a bit of investment.

An average development project can cost thousands of dollars, excluding license fees, add-ons and maintenance.

The platform has a lot to offer, nevertheless, so to make every penny count, choosing the right Magento development partner can make or break your project.

1.2% of the Internet is powered by Magento. (Source: w3techs)

There are over 1.5 billion live websites and Magento powers 18 million of them which speaks to both the platform’s popularity and the level of competition.

On the one hand, Magento’s immense market size goes to prove the power of the platform. On the other hand, it also hints to the level of competitiveness required to stand out in such a populated market.

Expert developers help eCommerce businesses make the most of their chosen platforms, from theme customization to features and consultancy on pricing plans and maintenance.

Your Magento developers will help you stand out from the crowd.

1.2% of the Internet is powered by Magento

Magento has a 16% share among the top 10k web stores. (Source: magecommercestudio)

From homeware to beauty and fashion brands, this platform powers some of the world’s most successful e-stores.

Whether you are a startup or a large corporation, Magento experts can help you reach the profitability levels you aspire to – from the technical side of things at least.

They can help you optimize your store’s performance, automate customer interactions and enrich the customer experience, driving more conversions and increasing customer loyalty.

Magento has a 16% share among the top 10k web stores

11% of websites that use Magento are US-based. (Source: BuiltWith)

This is one of the leading eCommerce platforms among US eCommerce businesses.

As a result, Magento optimizes its features and customer support for the US customer, further facilitating your and your developers’ use of the platform.

  • Fun fact: Some of the biggest US-based brands using Magento include Coca Cola, Ford and Fox Connect.

11% of websites using Magento are U.S.-based

Custom Magento Development Specifics

Stats are useful, but what are Magento specifics that put them over the top?

Here’s why you should use Magento for eCommerce websites:

  • Natural fit: While some other platforms, like WooCommerce, started out with a different purpose, Magento has been developed for eCommerce from the start. This highly specialized aspect of Magento website development is bound to make a difference for your eCommerce website.
  • Integration: The platform is easy to integrate with third-parties. Also, having Google tools such as Google Checkout, Google Base and Google Analytics built-in from the start, greatly improves the eCommerce experience for your customers.
  • Scalability: Some eCommerce platforms might have a problem handling products and orders once they start to scale up, but Magento has no such issues. It was developed to tackle even the biggest of orders with ease, even thousands at a time. And if we are talking about an enterprise-sized business, there is always the Magento Enterprise Edition.
  • Support: Whether you are a small-business owner, a web-developer or a CEO of a big company, the Magento support team is always at your disposal.
  • Community: Magento eCommerce developers are always willing to help each other out. So, whatever your question or issue may be, you can count on various users of the platform to assist you at any given point.

How Much Do Magento Developers Charge?

This can be a difficult question to answer.

A simple solutions specialist may charge between $20-40 per hour, while a certified Magento developer can charge up to $250 per hour.

This mainly depends on the development company’s location.

Top Magento development companies in the US can charge $150-200 per hour.

Offshore specialized developers charge different rates:

  • South-East Asia: The rate goes from $10-20 per hour. However, remoteness, time difference and language barriers make this solution the least appealing for many US-based companies.
  • Eastern Europe: Eastern European developers are known to provide quality service for the fraction of the US cost, with rates going from $20-60. The most cited objections to these outsourcing destinations are the time difference and language barrier.
  • Western Europe: Here you will find top Magento developers that are sure to deliver, but higher rates also apply: ranging $100-200.
We’ve ranked the top US eCommerce companies.Find them here!

How To Choose A Magento Agency?

We have discussed different rates that Magento development companies dictate, as well as different types of Magento website development.

Now it is time to see what you should be thinking about when hiring a Magento developer:

  • The scope of your project: Evaluate the scope of your project based on the complexity of your store and development work. Are you developing ground-up, or enhancing an existing store? This will help you identify the company with the right skill set, as well as the company whose services you can afford.
  • Budget: Once you have an idea of the scope of your project, including the complexity and the timeframe, determine your budget accordingly. This will help you narrow your focus on the geographies and the companies that can deliver the most value for your investment. Make sure to do a cost-benefit analysis before making a choice between Magento eCommerce developers.
  • Company experience: How important is the company’s past industry experience or experience developing platforms similar to yours? For highly complex projects, it is sometimes advisable to focus on partners with relevant experience to shorten the knowledge building process and lower the risk.
  • Outsourcing: Hiring a US-based Magento development company has many advantages, from the ease of doing business to trustworthy client reviews. However, top US Magento web developers may charge top dollar for their services. If you are looking for the same time zone for a fraction of the cost, South American Magento developers might be the best choice.
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10 Questions To Ask When Hiring Magento Web Developers

  1. Are you Magento certified?
  2. What are some of your past projects?
  3. How long does it take you to develop an eCommerce website?
  4. Are your clients involved in the development process?
  5. How do you keep track of KPIs and deliverables?
  6. How will we communicate?
  7. Do you provide any Magento training for your clients?
  8. What do you do in case of an emergency?
  9. How much do you charge?
  10. Are you familiar with the latest Magento trends and best practices?

Found A Perfect Magento Developer? Here Are A Few Final Tips To Get Your Project Started

Several Magento development companies went through your rigorous screening process and one came out on top.

Congratulations! You are almost ready to close the deal.

Here are a few things to consider both before and after signing a contract with Magento web developers.

Before Signing The Contract

Make sure to protect your data, intellectual property (IP) and investment.

When drafting your contract, specify the deliverables, include the IP protection clause and data management responsibilities. It is always advisable to seek legal counsel before settling on any particular contract draft.

Next, outline a crisis management plan and sign an NDA agreement.

Many issues may arise during the process of website development and it is best to have safety nets.

After Signing the Contract

You have carefully vetted your Magento development company of choice and have signed an agreement with them.

That’s great! But, collaboration doesn’t stop there.

It’s only just the beginning.

Though outsourcing development allows you to focus on your core business, be sure to support your developers if and when needed, as well as to monitor their progress closely.

With all the resources delivered to them in a timely manner, as well as regular check-ins and progress reports, your development should run smoothly, and remain within budget and deadlines.

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