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Maycreate is a team of digital marketing experts in online brand building, web design and development, copywriting, analytics, SEO and more. They work with clients of all sizes and across industries.


Part Three is a Chicago-based digital agency specialized in SEO, PPC and social media, as well as graphic design, web design and development. They work with clients nationwide and in various industries including real estate, publishing, arts and more.


With offices in USA, Australia, India and Singapore, Grazitti Interactive is a team of experts in marketing automation, sales optimization and cloud innovation. They are an award-winning agency working with clients worldwide and across industries.

Best Digital Marketing Agencies For Dentists – 2020 Rankings

Here is a full list of carefully selected digital marketing experts that can help your dental practice reach greater local audiences.

1. Spin KingdomUnder 49$50/hr$1,000+
2. Human Designhumandesign.comColoradoUnder 49$250/hrInquire
3. ADK Groupadkgroup.comMassachusetts50 - 99$150/hr$1,000+
4. LME Services
lmeservices.comIllinoisUnder 49$120/hrUnder $1,000
5. Wpromote
wpromote.comCalifornia250 - 499$150/hr$1,000+
6. Quiverrquiverr.comCaliforniaUnder 49Inquire$1,000+
7. Remazing GmbHremazing.euGermanyUnder 49InquireInquire
8. Sawyer Studiossawyer-studios.comNew YorkUnder 49InquireInquire
9. The SEO KingdomUnder 49$100/hr$1,000+
10. Data4Amazondata4amazon.comCalifornia250 - 499InquireInquire
11. Media Two Interactivemediatwo.netNorth CarolinaUnder 49Inquire$50,000+
12. Jump 450jump450.comNew YorkUnder 49$200/hr$50,000+
13. DIAP Mediadiapmedia.comArizonaUnder 49$250/hr$1,000+
14. Hedges & CompanyHedgesCompany.comOhioUnder 49$200/hr$1,000+
15. eBoost Consultingeboostconsulting.comCaliforniaUnder 49$150/hr$10,000+
16. Palmetto Digital Marketing Grouppalmettodigitalmarketinggroup.comSouth CarolinaUnder 49$100/hr$1,000+
17. Anvil Media, Inc.anvilmediainc.comOregonUnder 49$150/hr$10,000+
18. KingdomUnder 49$50/hr$10,000+
19. Click and Createclickandcreate.usTexasUnder 49$95/hr$1,000+
20. Good Monsterthegoodmonster.comNew YorkUnder 49$100/hr$1,000+

How Are Agencies Specialized In Digital Marketing For Dentists Unique?

Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing can be measured.

By being able to track your results, your dental practice will not be investing in poorly performing advertising campaigns.

Teaming up with a dentist digital marketing agency will provide a much better insight into how your money is spent and how to optimize the desired outcome of every campaign, which is getting more new patients and more new revenue.

Some of the digital marketing strategies your online experts may employ are:

  • Search marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Content marketing
  • And more

Any of these services can help a dentist practice increase their reach to the right audience – that is, not waste resources on people who are not in need of dental services.

The top of the line dentist digital marketing strategies are going above and beyond by employing these methods for the betterment of dental businesses.

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The Top Digital Marketing Services To Employ For Your Dental Practice

Did you know that 72% of your prospective customers would rather watch a video about your services than read a brochure?

The landscape of digital marketing is changing in response to your audience’s online behavior.

Digital marketing experts in your field know just the tactics and tools to employ to capture highly qualified leads for your dentist office.

72% of users will prefer to watch a video to learn about your practice's service than to read the text

Content Marketing

Best dentist digital marketing experts create content that builds brand awareness, customer relationships and trust in your services.

Some of the content types these agencies may provide are:

  • Engaging web copy
  • Informative blogs
  • Corporate and expert interview videos
  • Organic social media content
  • And more

Local SEO

As a local business, you stand to gain a lot by improving your online presence for local search.

A digital marketing agency can create on-page, i.e. content SEO strategies to improve your visibility on:

  • Google Search
  • Google Maps
  • Social media locations
  • Review sites such as Yelp
  • And more

Paid Advertising

Paid advertising on search and social media allows dental practices to target their audiences by:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Income
  • Interest
  • And more

Dentist digital marketing agencies can create entire marketing campaign strategies for paid display ads to appear on Google Search, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and elsewhere – shown to the correct target audience.

These sponsored posts or simple ads can drive traffic to your social media pages and website – and whats more, these are all relevant people (targeted according to aforementioned parameters) for your business, that is, visitors who can convert into patients.


Remarketing is the method of showing ads of relevant nature to a person who has already visited your dental practice’s website.

In this industry, it can help people reach your website’s sections such as services and prices, prompting them to schedule an appointment. Digital marketing agencies can track users who have already visited your website and will share an ad to them, reminding them of their previous visit to your site.

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Top Benefits Of Investing In Digital Marketing For Your Dentist Office

Did you know that 55% of healthcare organizations hire a digital marketing partner to help them with digital strategy?

Outsourcing helps healthcare organizations to optimize their digital marketing efforts while allowing their in-house staff to focus on revenue-generating tasks.

These are some of the top benefits of employing a digital marketing agency for your dental practice:

  • Inbound marketing is highly effective: It is a pull strategy that relies on building interest, trust and targeting the right audiences rather than pushing messages and interrupting journeys.
  • Conversion rates are higher: Digital marketing reports higher and more easily traced conversion rates than traditional marketing.
  • The landscape is becoming more efficient by the day: More and more smart digital marketing tools are arriving on the market, automating email, social media marketing, parts of content creation, performance reports and more. As such digital marketing is becoming more efficient than ever.
  • Lower costs: With all the tools, specialist fees and other charges, digital marketing still proves more cost-effective than offline campaigns. Not only does it require less investment, it gives more visibility over the ROI and control over spending.
Dentist digital marketing agencies and advertising strategies
55% of healthcare organizations work with a digital marketing agency.

How To Choose The Right Digital Marketing Agency For A Dentist’s Office?

Our above-featured ranking list is a great place to start. Browse through dozens of carefully vetted digital marketing experts with experience serving clients in your field.

View their location, team sizes and average rates. Visit their websites to gather more information on their services and project portfolios.

To continue or expand your search for the right partner, focus on the following:

  • Industry experience: Previous experience working with clients in your niche will help your partner fast-track their performance as they will invest less time in knowledge building.
  • Location: Local businesses will know your audiences the best.
  • Project portfolio: Look for some of the examples of their work to assess the quality of their services.
  • Budget: Start your search with a budget in mind. Find out the average rates and adjust your expectations accordingly.
  • Business approach: Engage with your prospective clients. Focus on their responsiveness, communication and management style to find the right match for your organization.

10 Questions To Ask When Interviewing Digital Marketing Agencies For A Dental Practice?

Once your company gets to have a meeting with representatives of dentist digital marketing agencies, asking them these questions can help you decide on the right one with some certainty:

  1. Focusing on your previous work in our industry, which of your projects would you highlight and why?
  2. Which of your past clients could we contact for references?
  3. How would our teams work together to achieve our business goals?
  4. Which marketing tactics and channels do you find work best in our industry?
  5. How do you stay on top of the latest industry trends?
  6. How do you approach strategy building?
  7. How would we monitor your performance?
  8. When could we expect to see results?
  9. How much do your services cost, including third-party fees?
  10. Who would be our main point of contact in your organization?

Found A Financial Services Digital Marketing Agency? Take This One Last Step Before Signing The Contract

Before employing your digital marketing partner, remember that there is always room for negotiation.

Find the middle ground between your requirements and your prospective partner’s capacities in terms of service cost, resource allocation, timeline and deliverables and more.

Once the details are settled, outline them in an official agreement.

Good luck!

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